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Psychological Testing


Psycho-social testing; children develop problems in social situations and peer relationships. Sometimes deficits can be uncovered which, where present, can be resolved with effective treatment. An inability to properly relate may be due to conditions such as autism, learning disorders, ADHD or other mood disorders such as depression, anxiety or bipolar. Testing and therapeutic intervention can focus treatment and help the patient develop coping and life skills to overcome these obstacles where possible and, assist physicians with proper medication to improve social interactions with peers and family.


ADHD: attention deficit disorder has become so frequently diagnosed that some clinicians question whether it has become a part of everyday life or, more likely, is being misdiagnosed. Features commonly attributed to this condition often overlap with anxiety, learning disability or behavior disorders. As a result, children fail to receive appropriate treatment. Medication may be inappropriately prescribed. Ineffective or misdiagnosed treatment delays appropriate treatment and resolution. A comprehensive battery of diagnostic testing frequently results in the conclusion that a different condition may be present and a different treatment regimen required.


Educational testing; children may manifest behavioral learning or other issues in the school environment which can be properly addressed through appropriate testing and an IEP plan. Dr. Nichols has worked effectively with schools and parents to develop these plans and to perform the testing necessary to document and advocate for parents and children in this setting. Multivariate testing of intellectual functioning may reveal subset deficits in the areas of math, reading or writing. Children with such deficits or with other learning disabilities are often mistakenly seen as behavioral problems in the school environment. Once properly diagnosed and treated, behavioral issues frequently resolve or improve to the benefit of the child, the family, and the school.


Physician referred; physicians sometimes choose to secure evaluations from mental health professionals such as Dr. Nichols in order to refine diagnosis and treatment. Some mental health conditions may mimic physical health problems. Diabetes, asthma or anxiety mimic the symptoms of ADHD and can cause stress, anxiety and depression in children. A thorough evaluation and appropriate psychological testing can assist the physician in focusing the diagnosis and assist in securing appropriate treatment and a more effective recovery.