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Resources for New Patients

Greetings: as a new patient we welcome you to the practice and promise to do our best to make the experience welcoming and therapeutic. Our goal is to assist all patients to a return to the best life possible.  To assist us it is important to have essential information from you and to provide you with necessary legal disclosures as required by law. HIPPA and other material is available on this page and should be downloaded and reviewed before your first meeting. By completing our other forms we can help make your first visit as productive as possible by working together without the delay of filling out the forms.
These forms are downloadable and open with any .pdf reader, such as Adobe or others.  Please download, review and complete these forms as noted so our first meeting can go forward as quickly as possible. 
Please note our payment policy: Payment is made directly to our office at the time of service then we provide you all the information necessary to submit the claim to your insurance.